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Definition of Gifts & Crafts

Generally speaking, the term "craft" refers to a group of artistic practices that share commonalities such as their historical connection to the production of functional or utilitarian goods or their reliance on readily available, non-manufactured materials such as clay, glass, wood, metal, fabric, and fiber.

Something given to someone as a present is said to be a gift. A gift is the voluntary transfer of money, property, or other assets to another for no or a lower consideration than its full fair market value (FMV). The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may assess a tax on gifts in certain cases. If the donor makes gifts of money or property without receiving anything in return, or if the value of the gift is less than the donor's annual or lifetime gift exemption, the transfer may be liable to gift tax.


Types of Gifts and Crafts

1. Miniature Kit

You'll enjoy these miniature kits tremendously if you ever enjoyed constructing dioramas for class or embellishing dollhouses when you were a kid. There is a wide variety of minis to construct, but the miniature bakery kit has caught our eye.

2. Sewing Machine

Is sewing something you or a buddy has always been curious about? This Singer Heavy Duty model is an excellent sewing machine that will serve you well for many years to come. Easy items like hot pads and pillowcases are a great way to get started, and once you've mastered those, you can move on to more complex projects like quilts and apparel.

3. Macrame Kit

There has been a significant revival of this vehicle since the 1970s. A macrame kit has everything you need to get started, including cording, a pattern, a knot guide, and a wooden dowel. We really appreciate the fact that there are more than a dozen color options available for this set.

4. Arts & Crafts Tee

It's easy for sports fans to demonstrate their support. There is a wide variety of headwear and other apparel available that caters to this interest. Before today, the crafting community didn't have things so easy. Wear this retro arts and crafts tee while you knit on the couch or shop at a bazaar.

5. Toolbox

If you're a maker, don't use storage that's cute but not practical. As with any job that requires the use of one's hands, you'll require a collection of tools and a sturdy belt to transport them in. You're too inventive to use a boring toolbox, so go for a fun shade of pink.

6. Beginners Crochet Kit

The Woobles are a band that may be familiar to viewers of Shark Tank. The brand's basic crochet kit makes it simple to make these secure friends. Your package not only contains the essentials like yarn, a pattern, and a crochet hook, but also instructional videos, text, and email.

7. Watercolor Paints

Do you know of a more relaxing pastime than getting out your watercolors and a piece of paper and just painting? Not in our opinion. This portable paint set is great for beginners just starting out in the art of sketching. It comes with a paintbrush and 12 different colors already mixed together; all you need to do is add water.

8. Crafting Membership

Do you know a creative soul who has experienced it all (and thrived)? Gift them a subscription to Lia Griffith. Paper flower patterns, felting tutorials, and seasonal decoration ideas are just a few of the fantastic handicrafts that can be made with a subscription to this website. These lovely paper anemone flowers are just one example of the free projects you can find on the site.

9. Custom Stamp

No matter what you're making, you want to put your own mark on it. With a Gifts & Crafts personalized stamp, you may add a "made by" or logo to your handiwork. Do you really believe this stamp can only be used on paper? Stop that right now! This local company also produces high-quality stamps for use on textiles.

10. Cricut Explore 3

For any hobbyist, the Cricut is the equivalent of the KitchenAid mixer: an essential tool. There is no limit to your imagination with this incredible machine's ability to cut letters and shapes from a variety of materials like paper, vinyl, and fabric.


Most Popular Gifts

1. Arts and Craft Vault

Even though this kit is aimed for children, we think it would be a great source of creativity for adults as well. There will be plenty of opportunities for creative play with the included glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and beads.

2. Felt Succulents Kit

They may combine their two passionsa plants and making thingsa with this felt succulents kit. They are working on a gorgeous felt garden to complement their real one.

3. Bonsai Starter Kit

They'll still be able to keep busy, but this time they'll be making a garden for themselves. Everything required for cultivating four distinct kinds of Bonsai is provided here.

4. Crafting with Cat hair

This book may seem like a joke, but it's full of real projects that people can make with scraps of their cat's shedding fur.

5. DIY Miniatures Dollhoue Kit

They can spend a lot of time making their little greenhouse look just right. The kit includes everything they need to make their model come to life, from wood to cloth to thread to wire to lights.

6. Gift Card

A gift card to a hobby shop is always well-received by someone who enjoys making things. If you know they have a passion for a niche hobby that requires specific materials, this is a terrific way to let them have some say in the matter.


Popular Crafts

1. Personalized Craft lables

These personalized sew-in craft labels are the perfect present for the creative person in your life. These sew-on labels are just one example of the countless varieties of custom labels. All crafters can benefit from these labels, but knitters and sewers will find them especially useful.

2. Yarn of the month Clud

The Darn Good Yarn Yarn of the Month Club is a wonderful present for your knitting or crocheting bestie who has everything. They will receive a skein of beautiful handspun yarn and a carefully compiled pattern book each month.

3. Resin and Polymer Clay Jewelry

DIY jewelry projects made from resin or polymer clay, which first became popular a few years ago, are still widely available online due of their adaptability and popularity. Polymer clay jewelry is typically made out of opaque geometric designs in vibrant colors, whereas resin jewelry is defined by materials like dried flowers that have been "preserved" in a hard, clear substance.

4. Tufted Rugs and mats

You should expect to spend a few hundred dollars on equipment and supplies to get started in this field, particularly if you want to use a tufting gun. It's a good idea to take a class first to see if you like it before spending money on a membership if classes are available in your region.

5. Home Fragrance

You don't need any experience in crafting to produce and sell candles or other home fragrance products online. Crafts that may be made and sold from the comfort of home include natural diffusers, essential oil blends, and linen and room sprays.


Gifts and Crafts -The Market Today

It is estimated that there are 7 million craftspeople in India. Nonetheless, information from non-official sources places the number of artisans at at 200 million. The informal and unorganized nature of this sector explains the large size of this range and variance in the number.

COVID resulted in a surplus of supplies for craft and Gift across India. Thus, we had a difficult time clearing out the inventory. Approximately four months ago, when things began to improve, artisans themselves came out and began selling their items, says Shantmanu, Development Commissioner Handicrafts.

Due to travel limitations, there were no international marketing events staged in July or August, thus the Development Commissioner Handicrafts office within the Ministry of Textiles began arranging domestic marketing events in September. Around 200 marketing events, such as the Suraj Kund mela in the NCR region and specialized gifts & Carft fairs in the capitals of the individual states, are organized with the support of the central government every year.


The most successful DIY projects are those that require few materials and can be learned quickly at home. e. Makers have an uncanny tendency to hoard their materials. Waste paper, yarn, and fabric could all be lying around your home. If you want to produce a present or craft, you can use materials you already have on hand.


FAQs: Gifts & Crafts

Q. What does Handmade Craft Mean?

Ans. Handmade craft refers to both the process of making something by hand and the final product, which is often valued more highly than mass-produced items done by machines.

Q. What kinds of Handmade Gifts can be Made at Home?

Ans. Here are some ideas of handmade gifts:

  • Photo Book

  • Photo Mugs

  • Custom Cheese Board

  • DIY Tote Bags

  • Photo Blanket

  • Reusable shopping bags

Q. What's Trending in Crafts 2022?

Ans. Here are some trending crafts in 2022:

  • Glassblowing

  • Terrazzo

  • Stained Glass Art

  • Tufting

  • Crochet

  • Dried Flower Arranging

Q. How Big is the Handicraft Market in India?

Ans. The value of all Indian handicraft exports increased by 25.7% to $4.35 billion in 2021-22